The gift of imperfect perfection

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t decide whether you like the brilliant polished studio recording or the live rendition of the piece with a flaw here and there more? I bet you have. I think we all have been there from time to time.

While new to the classical music everyone gets the recordings of Pavarotti’s Nessun dorma and excitement gives them goosebumps with the graduation of those colorful phrases and bursts out completely with the final “Vincero!”.
This can apply to any artist you love to listen to whether he or she is a singer, piano, double bass or a french horn player. We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to listen to the recordings any time we are in the mood, any time we need to.

But the excitement of the live performance or concert is just unbelievable. Emotions run through you, no matter how deep, if it is just the singing of a brook or roaring of the sea it has this secret ingredient – life. Passing moments so precious, that on the end it is more valuable than gold and diamonds.

 Some time in October I sang one old german drinking song during the German song class and with the help of our teacher Richard I tried to bring life to this work in progress. The reaction of my class mates was unbelievable. We all had such a great time and our mood went up to the sky. Well, listen to the recording yourself.

 I wish to all of you and your families Happy, blessed, creative, energetic and peaceful New Year!


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